Memories of nuclear bomb survivors - Part 1 Chapter 8

Reunion with parents

Once again, they looked for their parents’ bodies but could not find them. Then they continued to look for their daughter and slept in the ruins under the open sky. Near by the riverside they found a charred body that resembled Chizue. A burned school badge was pinned onto the charred blouse of the corpse. It was the badge of their daughter’s school.
Just as they were discussing how to bury the corpse of their supposed daughter, a man from the neighbourhood, who Chizue had met on her wanderings through the inferno, came along. When she heard him say, "I saw Chizue‐san. She is keeping well so far", Chizue’s mother felt that she was in seventh heaven.

Encouraged by the words of their neighbour, the parents kept on with their search.They went to the school, in which Chizue had studied until recently, hoping to hear more about her. There was a post card for them at the school - the hospital had given those cards to the wounded to inform their families of their whereabouts. Chizue did not know the mother's address in Kashima, so she sent the card to the school informing them of her stay at Isahaya Naval Hospital.
The parents went to the hospital and looked for their daughter’s name on the patient list. They found it deleted with two thick lines. "Alas! Chizue died here!" said the mother. The father, however, while comforting her, tried to get more information about their daughter and after listening to several people; they found a little hope and drove back to Kashima. It was the evening of the 14th of August.