Memories of nuclear bomb survivors - Part 1 Chapter 7

Chizue’s parents

In the evening of the following day (August 14), her parents came back home, Chizue was still asleep but awoke when she heard her mother’s voice calling, “Chizue! Chizue!” With her mother in front of her, Chizue could not utter a word while she cried unceasingly. Her mother pressed Chizue to her chest while her father sat silently by her side.

When the bomb detonated, her father had been in the shipyard of Awanoura town - about 3.5 km. away from the site of the explosion and behind the Inasa- yama..
When he heard there was a fire in the direction of Urakami he hurried to his house in Shiroyama. When he got closer to Shiroyama, it became clear to him that something extraordinary must have happened there.

The sky was dark, though it was lunchtime. Clouds of smoke were hanging thickly over the earth. The rows of houses in Shiroyama district had completely vanished and he met only very few people there. Charred bodies were lying around in the streets. A seriously wounded person asked him for water and said, "You can’t go any further." Indeed, he could not get closer to his house in Shiroyama and did not know what had happened to his daughter and his parents. Heavy‐hearted he went to Kashima where his wife and his other children were.

The following day, Chizue’s parents decided to continue to search for their daughter and parents in Nagasaki city. Before leaving the house, they told their children that most likely they would have to expect the bad news that the other members of the family were no longer alive. Thus, it was understandable that Chizue’s sister thought she had met with her sister’s ghost.