Memories of nuclear bomb survivors - Part 1 Chapter 5

In the hospital

Chizue was admitted to the Naval Hospital not far from Isahaya station. There she had regained consciousness after receiving a camphor injection and received basic treatment for her numerous cuts and bruises. Fortunately, she had suffered no serious injuries (or so she thought that time).

Straw mats were spread out in a spacious gym-like hall and many wounded were lying there. Within two to three days, the seriously injured died one after the other, and were taken somewhere outside.

Chizue believed in those early days, that she would luckily get over her misfortune with only minor injuries. During the first few days, she felt actually quite well and her health seemed normal. Then, roundabout the 13th of August, her hair loss began. As she pulled on her plaits, they came off in one piece like a false hairpiece, causing her no pain. This made her shudder.

When the air raids sirens started to wail Chizue was always very afraid and crept under the straw mats in breathless anxiety and waited for the time to pass. These were horrible days for Chizue and she only wanted to go as fast as possible to Kashima where her mother and her younger siblings had been evacuated.